Terms and Conditions




These Terms of Use govern your use of the Pure Flix Alliance Payment Portal. By using or visiting the Pure Flix Alliance Payment Portal, you accept and agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not use the Payment Service.


Pure Flix Alliance Payment Portal may, from time to time, change these Terms and Conditions.  Such revisions shall be effective immediately; provided however, for existing members, such revision shall, unless otherwise stated, be effective 30 days after posting.


  • To maintain the theatre’s published daily show times, all private screening show times will begin as scheduled per your confirmation.
  • Attendees may arrive at the access time specified on their confirmation and need to exit the theater at the end of their specified access time.
  • All concessions must be paid for on the day of the screening at the theatre (cash or credit card) unless otherwise arranged at time of booking.
  • In the event of weather or other conditions prohibiting your group from attending, other accommodations or arrangements will be solely at the discretion of the theatre.
  • Coupons, Passes or Discount Offers of any type are not accepted for Private Screenings.
  • In addition the group and attendees must adhere to any additional policies outlined by the theater or corporate company.
  • Any insurance policies must be in line with requirements stated by the theater and corporate company and be supplied by the group hosting the event.



  • All check payments must be received within 5 business days after receiving event proposal.
  • Checks will not be accepted for groups doing last minute bookings.
  • Any bounced checks will be charged an additional charge of $35.00
  • Any payments for bounced checks must be made through the payment portal or by an overnighted cashier check.



  • All Refunds will be handled per selected theaters policies.
  • Any refunds issued to credit cards will exclude the 3% processing fee.
  • No changes can be guaranteed within two weeks of your scheduled showing.
  • Changes requested within two weeks of your booking cannot be guaranteed and will be handled on a theater-by-theater basis.
  • Any changes that are denied after initial booking and payment are not grounds to cancel event.
  • Any refunds after showings will need to take place within two weeks of the showing date and will need to be approved by the theater or corporate company.